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Strength, Reliability and Efficiency: Terms that Define Book-keeping services as it should be.

Balancing Books offers you that quality service when it comes to your bookkeeping needs.We make that difference between keeping things at Status Quo and making your business succeed in all aspects.

Your finances and financial statistics are one of the pillars of your business, and when you don’t know where you stand, you don’t know what direction to take; you don’t know where those profits lie.

Balancing books helps you keep track of those finances, the fluctuations and the profits. We make that special difference which helps your business become even more successful. We offer a full range of accounting services geared towards your business, whatever your size, whether you are a small business or a mid-sized one.

It’s through bookkeeping services like ours that we help you reduce the time you spend on these non-essential yet crucial tasks to your organization.

By helping you with your bookkeeping needs, we give you the time to focus on the aspects of your business that are most important to you; those areas that produce more money.

The Advantages to Using Balancing Books

There is no question about it! Business owners wear many different hats during the operative hours of their business. But this doesn’t have to be the normal way of things. You can delegate the tasks that you aren’t good at; and one of these tasks is your bookkeeping.

It is the technical expertise of our team members that differentiates us from others

The benefits in outsourcing your bookkeeping services to Balancing Books are many:

  • Our services save you time so you can dedicate it to the core of your business.
  • Save money by outsourcing rather than hiring in-house staff. Many of our partners suggest they save as much as 40%.

Our advanced technical experience in bookkeeping processes differentiates us from other companies. We offer cost effective, customized and on-time delivery of all your accounting needs. We give you 24/7 access to all of your financials through our web portal.

When you have problems with your accounts, your payroll, your records management and ATO compliance, we can be the solution. Keep in mind that even with considerable experience in these processes; you may not have as much knowledge as the team at Balancing Books as we do this day in and day out.

What Makes Balancing Books Different

Founded by experts in the field of Bookkeeping, Balancing Books has decades in the bookkeeping field. It is this experience that allows us to serve you quickly, efficiently and within your budget. All of our team members are trained in the latest processes to be able to look after customer accounts accurately and efficiently.

Why Use the Services of Balancing Books?

Managing every aspect of a business is nearly impossible even if you do work 24 hours a day. And for some reason it always seems like it’s the bookkeeping that receives most of the delays. So why do it yourself. Just think for every hour you spend doing the books, you could be making more money somewhere else. Wouldn’t you rather spend that spare time doing other more important tasks for your business?

Balancing Books brings many years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to the small business owner in Melbourne and throughout Australia. We are the Australian bookkeeping service that gets your finances in order.

We help you manage your business profitably by giving you the right financial data, consulting services, statistics and bookkeeping service for your needs. We provide you with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and more throughout Australia. Let us be a part of your success.

You can count on us to:

  • Listen to your business needs.
  • Give you top priority
  • On-time response to bookkeeping services in Australia

If profitability is a key issue for you, contact us today for a free consultation.

You Won’t Lose Control?

Managing your paperwork, your bookkeeping, payroll and the statistics involved in your profitability can get complicated, especially if you are managing this simultaneously with the other aspects of your business.

You don’t have to hand over control of your finances when you work with Balancing Books. The services you use only depend on your needs. For instance, some companies do prefer we take care of invoicing and payroll, while others simply want an experienced book keeping contractor to look over their books and do the bank reconciliations. At Balancing Books we can help with whatever financial task you have.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your bookkeeping needs.

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We Can Handle Everything!

We are a bookkeeping business based in Melbourne. Our expert bookkeepers, led by proprietor Jan Gray, have many years’ experience in bookkeeping. Since our inception in the year 2000, we have worked at managing the books for businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Our staff are skilled professionals who can manage all your paperwork within a stimulated time frame.

Jan is also a registered BAS Agent. Balancing Books Bookkeeping Service holds BAS Agent Number 90853 000

One of the many advantages of using a BAS Agent is that we get an extra 4 weeks to lodge your BAS’s.

As required by the Tax Agent Services Act, we hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to the level specified by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Our conduct as a BAS Agent is regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and by the Code of Professional Conduct (Code), a legislated code that sets out the professional and ethical standards required of tax agents and BAS agents. The Code imposes a number of core principles on BAS Agents, including:

- Honesty and integrity;

- Independence;

- Confidentiality;

- Competence;

Other responsibilities, including upholding the proper administration of taxation laws, maintaining professional indemnity insurance, and responding to requests and directions from the TPB.

Other responsibilities, including upholding the proper administration of taxation laws, maintaining professional indemnity insurance, and responding to requests and directions from the TPB.

By visiting the TPB’s web site at, you can find out further information about the TPB and the Code. You can also access an online BAS Agent Register where you can view our BAS Agent registration details.

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Meet your new Bookkeeper

Balancing Books was founded by Jan Gray over 15 years ago

Jan has her Certificate IV in Financial Services Bookkeeping and is a Licensed BAS Agent.
She is an active member of Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN), a founding member of Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA)

Over the year Jan has become a trusted advisor to many business's by ensuring that she is a Xero Certified Partner, QuickBooks Online Certified, MYOB Partner, Reckon Accounts Partner

Most importantly, Jan is a Registered BAS Agent (Number 90853 000) and can legally prepare and lodge your BAS and IAS.

Jan Gray, Principal Bookkeeper

Software Is Not an Issue

We make use of the best software to simplify your accounts. Although we have a preference for using Xero, we have many years of experience using MYOB, QuickBooks Online and Reckon Accounts.

Xero has many advantages over the conventional PC based software. Jan will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of the various accounting systems with you.

At Balancing Books Bookkeeping, our commitment is to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. We base our relationships on honesty and integrity. That is why our services are prompt and our results delivered quickly. Our services are completely customisable to meet your needs. You can get our bookkeepers to work from our office or we can come to your own premises. We ask for nothing but your satisfaction.

Why Balancing Books Bookkeeping?

If you are still looking for a reason to hire us, check out the following points before you come to a decision.

• Our results are efficient.

• Our records management systems are effective.

• We provide service quickly and within deadlines.

• Our services are reliable and accurate.

• The services are quite diverse in scope.

• With us, you are eliminating the expense and hassles of hiring an in-house bookkeeper.

• The rates are very competitive and affordable.

• No more worries about ATO Compliance.

Balancing Books Bookkeeping – Let Us Put the Balance in Your Books!

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